Only the good die young

A writer I’ve worked with commented on an illustration recently that I had posted on Facebook.


It’s a bit a fan art I did of a couple of characters from the video game Army of Two. Just a fun game me and my pal played online when we had some downtime and no inclination to be around other people. So Parry asked if I had done that for the game development and sadly, no, I did not.

It made me think that if I had a hand in it how great would it have been to work on a game that I enjoyed as a fan. More than that though, how great would it have been to work with Clement Sauve? He was a concept/character designer based in Montreal that did designs for Ao2 and the new short lived G.I. Joe (also a childhood fave) animated series. He and I exchanged a couple of pleasantries on Facebook and chatted about his art and work. I never got a chance to meet him and sadly he passed away from cancer early last year.

The subject title is merely a song lyric, as the comics world also lost Joe Kubert recently, a luminary in the funny-book making industry. Every upstart nerd to hold a pencil and with dreams of one day drawing comic books owes Joe a deep debt of gratitude. Clement was one of those upstarts that made good. He was a dude that cranked out a ton of designs and comics. His mechanical designs are gorgeous and way out there while still recognizable. His characters have weight and the copious amount of gear he outfitted them with pulled them down even more. As far as I know he never made a big splash like Jim Lee or Joe Mad. He didn’t seem to have the well-deserved heat Sean Murphy is enjoying now. He was a production guy. A behind-the-scenes guy. He was, in the parlance of THE DEPARTED, a worker.

And sadly now he’s gone. His work however is not.

Go check out his deviantart page or an art fanpage blogspot site, both of which are maintained lovingly by fans or family and friends. He needn’t be celebrated or continued to be mourned, but he shouldn’t be forgotten either. As freelance artists eking out a living we are infinitely lucky to be doing what we do. As independent contractors we’re keenly aware of it all going away at any point. As human beings we are sometimes reminded that we’re all on our way out… So act accordingly.

Do what you love. Do it well. Clement and Joe did it that way. We should all follow suit.

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