Doctor Who

i’m not helping my street cred (i have street cred???) by posting about Doctor Who, but damn it I’m excited about Doctor Who coming back on BBC America! i caught up on the series over a few months thanks to Netflix and the fellas at Nerdist who kept blah, blah, blabbing about it. i finally caved to the curiosity and i’m hooked. i was bummed when David Eccleston left but David Tennent took over and he was instantly brilliant. i was devastated, yes devastated, when Tennent left but was quickly endeared to Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor. so in my anticipation of the seventh series premiering tomorrow here’s a Doctor illustration for kicks.

i did another with the same back ground but just wasn’t feeling the look of the Doctor. here it is anyway…


and here’s some Doctor Who related stuff and zombies for a project that i’ll be showing off here when it’s done…


and to make certain so you know, that i know, i never had, nor will i ever have street cred.

OH! and if you want to see some more Doctor Who illustrations please go to Lydia Butz’s deviantart page. another artist I don’t know, but she’s a phenomenal illustrator and deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

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