papercut Halloween!

here’s a cover to a little four page comic i’m doing.

a year ago we moved to a quieter part of town where we can stretch out, ride our bikes safely and not have to worry about the all night revelers that passed underneath our windows or the lunatics that lived upstairs. so the place we found has schools nearby, families all around and a little league park not far away. the kind of place where kids play in yards and wave to adults and dogs.

kinda like the way i grew up.

halloween is jess’ favorite holiday by far and is always giddy to decorate with the bales of hay, hanging skeletons and the pumpkins, lights and spooky fun stuff. so with all the comic work that i’ve done this year i wasn’t ready to put that part of my brain to bed. in the spirit of the season i decided i’m gonna whip this up and give it away in addition to all the chocolate and candy for the hopefully many trick ‘r treaters that we expect to come by.

these characters are my own and i’m writing and drawing a bunch of stuff with these little guys and i’ll post more on the development process as it goes.



p.s. yes, you eagle eyed nerds. the title is a loving reference to SPACED

skip to the 2 minute mark or just watch the whole damn thing ’cause you should. it’s on netflix instant watch too!

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