what would you do…

… if a friend was left behind?

i love video games and movies and comics. i was weened on them pretty steadily as a kid all the way to this morning probably. as a boy, military stories of honor and glory held my attention like nothing else. from the spartans at thermopylae and the parts of the iliad and odyssey that i could get through to the 101st airborne in the ardennes to the Blackwater team tasked with riding Route Irish, the stories of friends and colleagues fighting for each other, getting each others’ backs appealed to me endlessly.

so now i’ve been putting pen to paper for my own story. just sort of throwing every punch and hoping that it means something to anyone else. i simply asked what would you do if a friend was left behind?


i didn’t want to do a war story. i’m not skilled enough to write some fictional narrative to do anybody that served justice. that’s not a creative playground i’ve earned the right to spend anytime in. the stuff that i do know is my friends, my family, our collective childhoods that we had and the childhoods we wish we had. so the book, the papercut kids, is exactly that. creating the childhood my friends and family would’ve daydreamed about.

at its core is, when you’re little and you find out that the world is actually much bigger and scarier and more fascinating and dangerous and twistier than you had ever imagined, what would you do if a friend was left behind in it? in the dark? and alone? because if i remember correctly kids have a near infinite capacity for loyalty and compassion. also for mind-boggling stupidity and fear based numb-skullery.

so coming soon-ish… fear based numb-skullery and infinite capacity for loyalty in a suburban fantasy.

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