INKtober day four and uncanny visual recall


A quick little sketch to satisfy the INKtober challenge as the lady and I watched Ernest and Celestine on iTunes this evening. Between all the Boardwalk Empires, Breaking Bads, Walking Deads and The Leftovers you kinda need a palette cleanser. Ernest and Celestine is definitely worth the rental (even a buy if you’re so inclined). Adorable!

This INKtober challenge has been fun but not a thing with which I’m particularly comfortable. Sort of just coming up with stuff and putting pen to paper and letting it go.   Today I got a chance to watch someone who doesn’t have that kind of hang up. Kim Jung Gi is an illustrator and educator from South Korea and he’s been traveling the world doing these live drawing demos. No sketching, all in ink. It’s bananas to watch…

In person its intimidating and comparison is the death of joy (I think that’s how that goes), but holy hell if you’re lucky enough to watch him work and don’t feel like you gotta step your game up then kudos to you.

photo 1photo 2IMG_3266IMG_3267IMG_3270photo 4

I, on the other hand, need to keep cranking away. Day four isn’t a bad start.

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