INKtober day seven and STRETCH the movie


A week in and a cinematic treat. Joe Carnahan is a director I’ve followed since watching NARC at the Angelica a thousand years ago. If you haven’t seen it you should.

Its visceral and grim and a great character study and something that made me think keeping an eye on this guy would be smart thing to do. Go check out his IMDB for his work but suffice to say he’s done some interesting stuff.

His latest effort STRETCH comes out digitally today. He made it for a few million, lost distribution studio support, and now the movie is out VOD. Such is life in the ever shifting paradigm of entertainment consumption. However if we want more original content, if we don’t want creative people to fall into homogenous lockstep with whatever’s trending then we have to support these efforts.

Sometimes it works out. James Gunn, director of this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy, directed all of two movies before that blockbuster. Slither and Super. They were brilliant, small, modestly budgeted movies, with a cult following and, to their credit, Marvel gave him a shot and we are Groot. That doesn’t always work though and we have to support the original and the independents to get more of the good stuff.

Jeez, this took a turn, huh? In summation, I drew a thing and I like movies. Have great day, folks!

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