INKtober day eight


Just a little something inspired greatly by some of Claire Wendling’s older illustrations. The stuff I see of hers lately is gorgeous and has an efficiency of line that I can’t seem to do. I noodle around too much and like the feel of cross hatching in ink. In the absence of anything intelligent to say, I just ramble on and on and on… I didn’t come up with that… I forgot who did, BUT it applies I suppose. When you reach a certain level of confidence I imagine you just know when to stop noodling your drawing and let it sit. Or like Kim Jung Gi, you just have the whole thing mapped out in your head.

Though people like Travis Charest, Sergio Toppi and Bernie Wrightson do their thing successfully so I’m, yet again, rambling on and on…

Click those links, folks. You’ll be happy you did.

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