INKtober day twenty one


Took a break from the Papercut Kids to whip up a bad Dave Grohl likeness.

Check this out.

Watched this the other night and was so… listen, you guys. I’m gonna admit something to you. I’m not musical. When I physically approach musical instruments small children cry and I can’t carry a tune if it had handles, but watching this show made me even more envious of the people that can make music WAY better than I can draw cartoons. I also have a severe addiction into peering into other creative processes that is only rivaled by my skittery, jittering addiction to the socially accepted drug of choice of millions, coffee.

Sweet, sweet coffee…

So, for my money, I’m in for the duration of Sonic Highways and if by some strange happenstance you’ve landed on this post and are reading these words and you love the blues and punk rock then track down the first episode. It’s well worth your time.

Now, where’s my coffee…

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