INKtober day twenty three and Larry Hama doc


I was one of those kids that never carried an umbrella. That practice continues to this day. I just don’t like carrying them around and I know I’ll leave it where ever I needed it to get not-so-drenched.

That was a terrible sentence, but I’ll just leave that there like a literary litterbug.

Such is life.

Last night I got a chance to go to a screening of “Making it Up as I Go Along” a 35 minute documentary on Larry Hama. Its a great doc and well worth the view so click the link above. He’s a raconteur and has lived a wildly colorful life to back that up. I’ve been lucky enough to share some page space with Larry by working on the Secret Identities: Shattered book and have gotten to meet him a bunch at various functions and he’s very much the guy on the screen. Unassuming, thoughtful, deliberate and has that thing that either comes with age or with a keen sense of stage craft. That ability to be quiet and still to draw people in to what you’re saying or about to do and then pay it off with great stories. Unlike myself who’ll be loud then silent then start a story that goes nowhere until something shiny catches my eye and I wander off thankful for a graceless exit.

Don’t be jealous. That can’t be taught.

But I digress.

The screening was followed up by a quick Q&A with Keith Chow, an editor on the Secret Identities books and the founder and editor-in-chief of The Nerds of Colors site. Go check that out for some insightful reviews and really well thought out perspectives on the role of people of color in pop culture. There’s far too much talent and intelligence at that site to not share.

Watch the doc and ask yourself what’s your heroin?

Please don’t let it be heroin!

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