3×4 Heroes and Villains

I guess with #SDCC2015 in full swing I had been feeling the pull of super heroics on my drawing hand. A series of pen and ink and marker studies done for kicks, or as the  kid likes to say, “for S&G’s”. I have one more set that I’ve yet to do, but will get their own post because without even knowing how they’ll turn out, they’ll deserve they’re own post.

*ominous sound* *filtered breathing*

Stay tuned.

In the meantime enjoy these li’l guys.

Here’s a look at the actual 9×12 bristol boards

The Marvel page came first and the thought process was, “You should just draw little headshots of characters you like” said the smart lady who keeps me out of trouble by keeping me busy. So I did, but just went about it all willy-nilly like a leaf on the wind (bring back Firefly… oh, ok).

Marvel page

Having a chance to think about it I stuck Bats in the middle and had his rogues gallery all directed at him, because… narrative? I don’t know, but I like it. It ultimately doesn’t matter because I’ll be cutting them apart and selling them off at some point. More on that soon…

DC page

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