Every once in a while I revisit AKIRA. Whether watching the movie or reading the collected books, it’s an itch I have to scratch. When I do I always want to whip something up so here we are. Notes in the captions…

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.55.35 PM
good for health. bad for education. 

If you’re reading this soon after it posts and you’re in the NYC area you can actually catch AKIRA on the big screen at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers. Click the link to check out the one night show.

I hope you enjoy!


sketches 05

short spoiler-free review.

rage fueled film making capturing an unrelenting kaleidoscope of a fever dream. uncommon clarity of vision for a horizon on fire and characters, mad every last one, racing to the inferno.

“No sympathy for the Devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.” – Hunter S. Thompson

“I don’t care if he’s Muhammad ‘I’m hard’ Bruce Lee. You can’t change fighters.”

Muhammad %22I'm hard%22 Bruce Lee

That post title was a line the cracked me up in the movie SNATCH by Guy Ritchie before his big budget SHERLOCK HOLMES days. It also echoed a shirt that Jerry Ma had done up through his Epic Props t-shirt/graphic design company that was pretty dope. Sadly you can’t get a hold of it any longer but you can see it HERE.

With all the talk about Pacquiao and Mayweather finally throwing down, despite many people thinking both are long past their prime but worth the price of admission none-the-less, it got me thinking about another match that can never happen (this is where my mind goes, because along with not being a car guy I am not a sports guy either.)

There’s a Bruce Lee documentary called I AM BRUCE LEE, (title that makes you think, man) wherein a former student, Dan Inosanto, talks about seeing Bruce Lee studying fight footage of different boxers and another story of someone asking Bruce why he watches this footage and Bruce responds, “…one day I’m going to fight him.” So even if that particular anecdote is spurious it does flame the “what if…?” fires enough to keep the conversation going.

Also who remembers THE LAST DRAGON? Man, that was the best worst movie…

also a terrible/amazing movie!



It was announced today that Marvel Studios and Sony managed to work things out and get ol’ Webhead in the playground with the Avengers. As a huge fan of those movies and as a long time Spidey fan it makes me very happy to see what comes next. I liked Andrew Garfield well enough in the role, who seems to be a big fan of the character as well, but we’d already seen that story told not too long ago and the whole tone of the “Amazing” movies were off as well. I’ve got faith in the braintrust over at Marvel to give us something new and I look forward to throwing heaps of money at the screen when the time comes.

That’s how it works, right? I haven’t been out to a movie in awhile.

Martin Luther King Jr.


“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

I haven’t seen SELMA yet, but here’s a good quick read with director Ava Duvernay.

Also a smattering of Ted Talks about the people that have been influenced in one way or another by Dr. King’s influence.

INKtober day twenty one


Took a break from the Papercut Kids to whip up a bad Dave Grohl likeness.

Check this out.

Watched this the other night and was so… listen, you guys. I’m gonna admit something to you. I’m not musical. When I physically approach musical instruments small children cry and I can’t carry a tune if it had handles, but watching this show made me even more envious of the people that can make music WAY better than I can draw cartoons. I also have a severe addiction into peering into other creative processes that is only rivaled by my skittery, jittering addiction to the socially accepted drug of choice of millions, coffee.

Sweet, sweet coffee…

So, for my money, I’m in for the duration of Sonic Highways and if by some strange happenstance you’ve landed on this post and are reading these words and you love the blues and punk rock then track down the first episode. It’s well worth your time.

Now, where’s my coffee…

INKtober day seven and STRETCH the movie


A week in and a cinematic treat. Joe Carnahan is a director I’ve followed since watching NARC at the Angelica a thousand years ago. If you haven’t seen it you should.

Its visceral and grim and a great character study and something that made me think keeping an eye on this guy would be smart thing to do. Go check out his IMDB for his work but suffice to say he’s done some interesting stuff.

His latest effort STRETCH comes out digitally today. He made it for a few million, lost distribution studio support, and now the movie is out VOD. Such is life in the ever shifting paradigm of entertainment consumption. However if we want more original content, if we don’t want creative people to fall into homogenous lockstep with whatever’s trending then we have to support these efforts.

Sometimes it works out. James Gunn, director of this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy, directed all of two movies before that blockbuster. Slither and Super. They were brilliant, small, modestly budgeted movies, with a cult following and, to their credit, Marvel gave him a shot and we are Groot. That doesn’t always work though and we have to support the original and the independents to get more of the good stuff.

Jeez, this took a turn, huh? In summation, I drew a thing and I like movies. Have great day, folks!