“I don’t care if he’s Muhammad ‘I’m hard’ Bruce Lee. You can’t change fighters.”

Muhammad %22I'm hard%22 Bruce Lee

That post title was a line the cracked me up in the movie SNATCH by Guy Ritchie before his big budget SHERLOCK HOLMES days. It also echoed a shirt that Jerry Ma had done up through his Epic Props t-shirt/graphic design company that was pretty dope. Sadly you can’t get a hold of it any longer but you can see it HERE.

With all the talk about Pacquiao and Mayweather finally throwing down, despite many people thinking both are long past their prime but worth the price of admission none-the-less, it got me thinking about another match that can never happen (this is where my mind goes, because along with not being a car guy I am not a sports guy either.)

There’s a Bruce Lee documentary called I AM BRUCE LEE, (title that makes you think, man) wherein a former student, Dan Inosanto, talks about seeing Bruce Lee studying fight footage of different boxers and another story of someone asking Bruce why he watches this footage and Bruce responds, “…one day I’m going to fight him.” So even if that particular anecdote is spurious it does flame the “what if…?” fires enough to keep the conversation going.

Also who remembers THE LAST DRAGON? Man, that was the best worst movie…

also a terrible/amazing movie!

A babies vs X babies

so one day i was doing all of nothing, easily translated to poking around on the internets, and i came across an adorable illustration by the incomprehensibly-talented-it-makes-me-want-to-weep Skottie Young

so i sent the link off to the lady because who doesn’t want to procrastinate by looking at comic art? instantly she wrote back, “you should do something like that!” which developed into a multi-email exchange. the scope of the piece went from cute jam illustration of characters we liked, to a poster, to a poster that can get chopped up into iPad skins. that resulted in this…

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 8.51.53 AMso for the uninitiated the rundown of characters, not including zombies, daleks and cybermen, goes like this left to right: Kaneda (AKIRA), the Hulk, Dr. Horrible, Captain Hammer, Tennessee (our dog), Wolverine, The Iron Giant, Daisy Steiner (SPACED), Stabuck (BSG), Jess, three Vipers from BSG, Nightcrawler, the 10th Doctor, the Medic (TF2), Coach and Ellis (L4D 2), the TARDIS, Tim Bisley and Mike Watt (SPACED), Jules, the 11h Doctor, Olive (our new puppy), Megaman, the Scout (TF2), me, Bruce Lee, Batman, the Punisher, Spidey, Tetsuo (AKIRA), and the Nerdist guys, Jonah, Chris and Matt.

so that was fun!