Facebook challenge

FB_smart_carMy pal, Ken Knudtsen, of My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer fame, challenged me on Facebook to post three drawings a day for five days straight. They could be new or old and I have to invite other artists to do the same each day.

Like a well meaning chain letter.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! (except I’m only doing one NEW drawing a day and I’m not putting anyone else in the crosshair, ’cause c’mon, you guys, people got better stuff to do than goof off on the Facebook. Except I really hope that people put pen to paper and draw whether they post it or not)

So yesterday I did that car thing from the previous post and today is that monstrosity up top. Its my well meaning and humble nod to Windsor McCay and his Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland strip, or BIll Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes strip, or Jake Parker’s wonderfully imaginative stuff or the innumerable artists and thinkers and talented fibbers of my youth.

INKtober and other stuff

There’s this illustrator, teacher, human being called Jake Parker out in Utah or there abouts. He’s supremely talented and you’d be doing yourself a favor by swinging on by to his site. He’s got a knack for getting people involved in what he does by doing the social media thing properly. Earlier this year he took a road trip with his family and while traversing the highways and byways of America he left sketches in public places and left clues via twitter and tumblr for followers and fans to hunt them down and score a free bit of art.

I know, brilliant, right?

A few years back he started a thing called INKtober, where he invites anyone to draw a thing, anything, in ink everyday for the month of October. Post it to your social media of choice, or your refrigerator, ’cause you do you, dammit, and just be fulfilled with the knowledge that you’ve put pen to paper and made something.

A delightful little challenge and something to share with nobody and everyone. So this year I actually have my wits about me enough (meaning I’ve looked at a calendar recently) to take part in this endeavor. I’ll update this post with sketches as it goes but here’s day one…