Hello again

It’s been a good long while since I last posted. Holidays, birthdays, seasons have passed and in the middle of high temps and sunny days here I sit posting for no other reason than to say hi. I figure after so long away it’s the polite thing to do. So to no one in particular…


A couple things are coming down the pike not the least of which is an original graphic novel by yours truly. It’s been in the works for years in a sort of perpetual nascent state. More on that at a later date but in the meantime a teaser image…


blog_preview_06242104_01To more immediate endeavors, I was approached by friend and fellow SVA graduate Jerry Ma about contributing a couple of posters to the NYAFF exhibition he was curating. Always down to draw for the Secret Identities crew, I find myself once again in great company. Some of the usual suspects, namely Larry Hama, Bernard Chang, Sooj Lee & Jef Castro and of course Jerry Ma, but also another SVA alum Ken Knudtsen and John Jennings.

You can check out the posters through here, but go check them out in person and meet some of the artists at the NYAFF art exhibition this Saturday, June 28, 7:30pm-8:30pm in the Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center. That’s located at 165 West 65th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway.


Marvels and Monsters part 2

so THAT happened. the MARVELS AND MONSTERS show debuted at MOCA last Thursday and it was a great turnout. the space is gorgeous and the people in attendance were excited and genuinely interested. i got to see SVA pals, Jerry Ma and Ken Knudtsen, and say thanks in person to Jeff Yang for giving me a shot at not one, but two stories in the new anthology. that book will be coming out in early November, but if you’re at NYCC then swing by the Epic Props booth and pick up a copy there.  from what i understand it’s 216 pages of funny book goodness.

but back to the show.

i got a chance to walk around with the fam and see some great artwork and brush up on the less glossy side of comics. we kinda live in a geek world with a very shiny, happy and safe face to comics, but like a lot of things that reaches back in to american history there’s a sad, twisted and mean through line. it’s just what it is, and despite the sometimes regretful underpinnings to the medium i’m quite happy with this little warts-and-all celebration.

specifically, the spotlight on Larry Hama. while all the artists and writers showcased are worth their weight in gold, Larry has had a profound geeky influence in my life. this is the guy who created the GI Joe line up from the 80’s. storm shadow, snake eyes, the baroness, the little bio cards that you’d cut out of the toy packaging, all Larry. as a child of the 80’s that cartoon had carved out a niche in my after school schedule. small fallen branches were laser rifles and nobody could vault over the neighbors’ shrubs into a tight tuck and roll better than me and my friends because we spent hours storming COBRA strongholds. we begged our folks for the five bucks for a new figure and we’d display them carefully when not burying them in some perilous scene in my mom’s garden.

jeez, shows like that created by people like him are responsible for nerds like me and the other contributors in SHATTERED and MARVELS AND MONSTERS. i’m gonna let that sink in for a bit. meanwhile, get to the show if you can. it’s up until February 24th.

after 20-something years it must be gratifying to know your characters are cool as hell to new generations.