New look! 

If you managed to click over here near the middle of 2016 (I don’t know when you’ll be reading this, or who, where or WHAT you might be) …

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.46.51 PM

… you’ll have noticed a large overhaul to this site. Big changes are in the wind. The kid is graduating in June, and Jess and I are looking to move and expand into new digs. I thought the changes should extend into my web presence as well. Sort of throwing a new coat of paint on the beast. The pages are a bit more collected and organized and more importantly the content has been updated.


New art work for everyone!

The hope is that with change comes the chance to create better habits. I plan to post more often, not just in the blog but updating the core content whenever I can. New Papercut Kids comic pages are getting done, and I plan to update that site soon as well. New projects and an eventual shop will pop up here to sell prints and sketch books. Stay tuned for more!

Something new

I did that Elektra piece in a bit of enthusiastic haste with the new season of the Daredevil, which is pretty great if you haven’t seen it. I like the drawing fine, but I wanted to do something with a bit more teeth. I started with a quick tiny thumbnail sketch, scanned it and drew it up in Photoshop, printed it and lightboxed it on to some Bristol board. Rescanned the full sized 11×17 and colored it in Photoshop using brushes I copped from a Ryan Lang post a while back. BTW Follow him on everything if you like production art. Anyway, here are some of the process images…

… and here’s the finish.



I’ll have this available when I get an online store up and running. Oh! I’ll have an online store up and running at some point when I revamp this site.

Hope you like and enjoy your week!

INKtober redirect!

For anyone looking for INKtober 2015 sketches head over to or to the official Facebook page for daily updates. I put restrictions on myself to only do characters from The Papercut Kids and Derelicts, a boy and his robot tale. I’m curious to see if rules and restrictions truly bolsters creative thought or if I hit a motivational wall. I’ll also have an INKtober 2015 gallery up in November.

So click on over and I hope you enjoy!

The Papercut Kids

Just a little image dump of some in-progress strips I’ve done as warm-ups and writing exercises. I love me some comic books and will ride-or-die for funny books until my eyes fall back into my skull, BUT I’ve always had a deep, deep appreciation for comic strips. Calvin and Hobbes, ZITS, The Farside, Doonsbury, The Boondocks… the list is long and varied but suffice to say that they’ve all influenced me in one way or another.

This is my nod to the doodle gods.

If you want to see the finished strips just head on over to, scroll to the bottom and click the box. OR just click this.

That’s much easier.


I’m not a “car guy” …

… but I grew up with those knuckle heads. Grease monkeys and all. That culture never really took with me because I was all up in my Nintendo Power, blowing into cartridges and what not. So this is my nod to my pals growing up. The Papercut Kids love poking around so here they are, getting all handsy with someone else’s ride.the papercut kids

Speaking of ride this is a video of the actual car I heavily referenced for this illustration.

If you do happen to be a car guy or just appreciate a cool video and race culture, of which I know nothing, CLICK THIS!