short spoiler-free review. rage fueled film making capturing an unrelenting kaleidoscope of a fever dream. uncommon clarity of vision for a horizon on fire and characters, mad every last one, racing to the inferno. “No sympathy for the Devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little […]


Who wants to dream small?

Yeah, the kids don’t think that’s a great way to spend their time either. This is the wrap up of the current strip that you can take a gander at over here. Don’t worry there’ll be more coming down the pike! Enjoy your weekend and go see the Avengers! Marvel Studios really needs the help being a […]

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The Papercut Kids

Just a little image dump of some in-progress strips I’ve done as warm-ups and writing exercises. I love me some comic books and will ride-or-die for funny books until my eyes fall back into my skull, BUT I’ve always had a deep, deep appreciation for comic strips. Calvin and Hobbes, ZITS, The Farside, Doonsbury, The Boondocks… […]

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When you ask a 17-year-old video game enthusiast what character he’d like to see as a warm up sketch you get MegaMan. While MegaMan is still big business in the video game and comic book world, he’ll always be an 8-bit sprite to me.

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Sunday Sketch Dump

Sometimes you just get bit by a doodle bug AND have time to scratch that itch. That’s how you end up with a series of sketches and half thoughts. I’m often in awe of the buttery Copic marker sketches by artists like Mahmud Asrar, and one day if I eat my vegetables and sacrifice a goat […]

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