Just wanted to drop this here. The Papercut Kids have an official site. Its barebones right now, but it’ll be the digital portal for all things Papercut comic related. Of which, I’ve got plans!

So head on over and hit the like and follow button.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

INKtober day thirty one or all good things


A whole month and I thought I could go all out on the final day. Didn’t quite finish it and definitely crossed that line of diminishing returns as the hours ticked on by, but the challenge was to do an ink drawing a day and that’s what I did. Day one’s drawing was maybe 3″x2″ and this last thing is more than 11″x17″. Challenge accepted and completed but leaving something on the table unfinished that I thought I could get done will keep me up at nights.

That said, I’ll update the site with the final art and some detail shots.




INKtober day twenty eight


It snowed around Halloween in New York back in 2011. Then again in 2012 around the time of Sandy if I remember correctly. It was pretty strange and the news was screaming terms like “SNOW-TOBER” which looking back is kinda funny.

We’re New Yorkers though and we got over it pretty quickly.

That’s all I was thinking about before the sun came up this morning while doodling.