When you ask a 17-year-old video game enthusiast what character he’d like to see as a warm up sketch you get MegaMan. While MegaMan is still big business in the video game and comic book world, he’ll always be an 8-bit sprite to me.

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Sunday Sketch Dump

Sometimes you just get bit by a doodle bug AND┬áhave time to scratch that itch. That’s how you end up with a series of sketches and half thoughts. I’m often in awe of the buttery Copic marker sketches by artists like Mahmud Asrar, and one day if I eat my vegetables and sacrifice a goat […]

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Snow day!

If you’re a kind of new comic nerd, say from the recent success of all the comic inspired movies, and just want to read some fun stuff, go check out Jason Latour‘s Spider-Gwen or Bendis’┬áMiles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man. Both are great fun and stay true to the light-hearted, misunderstood, angsty core of the Peter Parker […]

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“I don’t care if he’s Muhammad ‘I’m hard’ Bruce Lee. You can’t change fighters.”

That post title was a line the cracked me up in the movie SNATCH by Guy Ritchie before his big budget SHERLOCK HOLMES days. It also echoed a shirt that Jerry Ma had done up through his Epic Props t-shirt/graphic design company that was pretty dope. Sadly you can’t get a hold of it any […]

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It was announced today that Marvel Studios and Sony managed to work things out and get ol’ Webhead in the playground with the Avengers. As a huge fan of those movies and as a long time Spidey fan it makes me very happy to see what comes next. I liked Andrew Garfield well enough in […]

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