3×4 Heroes and Villains

I guess with #SDCC2015 in full swing I had been feeling the pull of super heroics on my drawing hand. A series of pen and ink and marker studies done for kicks, or as the  kid likes to say, “for S&G’s”. I have one more set that I’ve yet to do, but will get their […]

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Doodle Drop!

I loved me some Daredevil on Netflix and, heaven help me, I enjoyed the second season of Agents of SHIELD (in that way you enjoy goofball shows in the background whilst toiling away on your own goofy endeavors). SHIELD is also on Netflix if you care, you’rewelcomeverymuch! The fine folks over at Nerds of Color […]

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short spoiler-free review. rage fueled film making capturing an unrelenting kaleidoscope of a fever dream. uncommon clarity of vision for a horizon on fire and characters, mad every last one, racing to the inferno. “No sympathy for the Devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little […]


Who wants to dream small?

Yeah, the kids don’t think that’s a great way to spend their time either. This is the wrap up of the current strip that you can take a gander at over here. Don’t worry there’ll be more coming down the pike! Enjoy your weekend and go see the Avengers! Marvel Studios really needs the help being a […]

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The Papercut Kids

Just a little image dump of some in-progress strips I’ve done as warm-ups and writing exercises. I love me some comic books and will ride-or-die for funny books until my eyes fall back into my skull, BUT I’ve always had a deep, deep appreciation for comic strips. Calvin and Hobbes, ZITS, The Farside, Doonsbury, The Boondocks… […]

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When you ask a 17-year-old video game enthusiast what character he’d like to see as a warm up sketch you get MegaMan. While MegaMan is still big business in the video game and comic book world, he’ll always be an 8-bit sprite to me.

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