On a Spidey Kick

Last year I whipped up a Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen winter piece and the last super-heroic post was incredibly fun to do. So I figured with a blizzard bearing down on the East Coast and Spidey on the brain I should do another similar piece. If you haven’t already, go check out Spider-Gwen, by Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez […]

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MLK 2016

“Somehow we must believe that the most misguided among them can learn to respect the dignity and the worth of all human personality.” -Martin Luther King Jr., Eulogy of the Martyred Children (1963) Somehow, indeed.

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A little process

Did a little sketch of Spidey punching the Hulk. Just a warm up doodle and I liked it enough to add a couple of panels at the bottom to drive home the dopiness of a young Peter Parker. I light boxed it on to some bristol and inked it with pentel brush pens and copic multiliners. […]

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INKtober 2015

Whooo-bwoy! This was the sketch for the 31st and final day of INKtober. Every. Damn. Day. and I’m continuing the challenge. Posting a sketch-a-day until I do not. You can check out the full INKtober 2015 ride over on papercutkids.com or just click HERE. You can follow the sketch-a-day posts @pprcutkid on instagram and twitter!

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INKtober redirect!

For anyone looking for INKtober 2015 sketches head over to papercutkids.com or to the official Facebook page for daily updates. I put restrictions on myself to only do characters from The Papercut Kids and Derelicts, a boy and his robot tale. I’m curious to see if rules and restrictions truly bolsters creative thought or if I […]

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3×4 Heroes and Villains

I guess with #SDCC2015 in full swing I had been feeling the pull of super heroics on my drawing hand. A series of pen and ink and marker studies done for kicks, or as the  kid likes to say, “for S&G’s”. I have one more set that I’ve yet to do, but will get their […]

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