Panel 1


Tell me a story. I’ll put pictures to it.

From cave paintings 35,000 years ago to the latest tent-pole summer blockbuster movie, pictures have been used to communicate ideas in lieu of or to enhance the written word. The goal is to facilitate the successful execution of concepts and ultimately bridge the gaps between people and the ideas that separate them.

Panel 2

Nothing is permanent.

The goal is to leave a mark, no matter how small, on someone else’s life that they regard you well after you’ve left.

The “urgency of accomplishment” is a pretty reliable motivator to action and good work.

Panel 3


Got a project? Want to know a bit about process, favorite tools (spoiler – refillable Copic Multiliners and a Pentel Brushpen are frequent go-to’s)? Do you want to argue about whatever thing has upended the nerd-o-sphere?

I don’t!

I’ll answer the rest, though. Of course, if you need anything email me with questions and availability or hit me up on any of the social stuff below.

Cheers, all!


the papercut kids, derelicts, and all artwork © Glenn Urieta 2017